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To keep a fitness routine because of your work schedule? Do you sometimes have to show up for meetings/calls at the last minute? Perhaps working out seems like a chore and you’re not sure what exercises are right for you. 

You know you want to lose weight and get in shape. You know it would be great to have a trainer to ensure you are doing the right exercises for you and with great form to reduce the risk of injury, but more so to keep you accountable. However, your work schedule makes it complicated. You don’t want to agree to a certain time/date with your trainer to then end up cancelling at the last minute. You feel stuck.

Each morning, you wake up with good intentions of eating right and getting in “some” exercise. But then you get consumed by work and the day runs away from you. You didn’t eat “right,” let alone exercise. Other times, you’re so exhausted because you had been up all night working. You find that you need more and more coffee just to get through your day. Work stress gets the better of you over and over again, so you resign to the fact that “it’s just the price you have to pay if you want to get everything else done on your to-do list.”

Sometimes you resent work, and even yourself. You feel unaccomplished in this area in your life, due to this “challenge” of having to hold everything else together, to the detriment of your physical fitness and well-being.

Help is at hand though.
You really can have it all.

The truth is

all those things

you’re hoping for

and waiting to happen before you make a move, will happen much faster and more easily when you’re in peak condition, not when you’re working yourself into the ground and getting further and further away from fitness and good health, while your self esteem and self worth keep suffering.

I know the hustle and grind lifestyle.

And I know how easy it is to forget how good you can feel when your body is properly nourished and cared for. That’s why for the past few years, I’ve been so passionate about helping my clients consistently lose 10 to 20kgs in 3 to 6 months. 

How would it feel, dropping a dress size or two, getting back in that outfit that is way too snug, but you can’t part with it because of your deep desire to “one day” be able to wear it again? How would it feel if you no longer had that post-lunch energy slump, and not needing 3+ cups of coffee each day? How much quicker will you sign contracts/close deals when that brain fog is permanently lifted and you regain a pep in your step?

How confidently will you show up?

When you’re bursting with energy, when you go back to doing all the things you’ve been putting off and feeling strong, supple, and desirable? Perhaps you’ll start dating more, or going out more. Not to mention an increase in your sex drive, which is a sign of great health!

These are all very realistic/attainable goals when you find the right coach. My 6 month programme is a reasonable four-figure investment, with proven results that will save you $€£ in the long run.

The right person for this offer will be coachable, have some basic fitness equipment at home, or access to a gym, and willing to make small, consistent changes over time. You are not the right fit if you’re looking for overnight results. 

You can choose to change your life

There are three ways you can

work with me 1:1, outlined below!

The starting price for all programmes is from €400 per month, depending on your specific needs and starting point.


You can work with me as your “pocket sized” personal trainer/coach. This means you can take me with you wherever you go, and do your sessions at any time of the day, or night – whenever it suits you. 

I give you perfectly tailored workouts, regular supervision for form, and all the accountability you need, via my FlexiFit Queen programme: Your body, Your rules! This means that you choose when and how you want to do your workouts, which can be 15 to 45 mins long. 

We do this through a customised app, where you get 3-4 unique workouts designed for YOUR body, YOUR fitness level (even if currently at level zero), and according to YOUR goals that you set every week. Whenever you want me to check your form, you simply upload a video of yourself doing the exercise so that I can give you feedback.

6 month programme

You also get weekly nutritional advice, suggested meal ideas, coaching on meal timing and accountability. And I get to see when (and whenever) you did your workout. How cool is that? Besides, it’s suitable for any dietary lifestyle. You don’t have to give up, or eat anything that you don’t currently eat. 

If you’ve been waiting until busy season ends, until you tie up that next contract, until you complete that handover…definitely after X,Y,Z, but it still hasn’t happened, then something has to change. Because as the days, months and years go by, you know that the body and health you want are getting further and further away, not to mention your discipline to tackle it.

real time, direct calls

This offer is for you if you need more accountability to complete your workouts. You know within your heart that you will not do a workout unless you have your trainer watching your every move, down to the very last rep (repetition), making sure that you do them all.

with me over zoom

Or perhaps you are not yet confident about exercising on your own. Some clients who have never exercised before, or who have excess weight (40+lbs) tend to prefer this option, at least initially, until they build up enough confidence to safely exercise on their own, while still following a personalised programme. You will feel safer/more assured, knowing that I am there to immediately correct your technique if necessary.

Are you a

I coach a small number of fellow survivors who feel scared, anxious and somewhat disoriented, once they’ve finished the process of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgeries including mastectomies/lumpectomies and lymph nodes removal.

A part of you dies somewhere along the way, following diagnosis, and you have to learn to live with the new you. Friends and family often think the worst is over, and you should be grateful to be alive, thus picking up where you left off and carry on as normal. Very few people understand that you are forced to learn a new normal, which sometimes puts a huge strain on your “pre-cancer relationships.”

I guide so that you get to know and love your “new self” and how to deal with your internal and external relationships.

Cancer survivor?

I help you to embrace and eventually overcome the biggest fear – the fear of recurrence, which robs you of precious time and steals your joy.

I provide guidance on how to eat to fuel your body, how to exercise safely, including how to gradually improve your range of motion that is usually compromised after surgery.

Coaching is provided via weekly calls over Zoom and does not include physical exercise on the calls

This is a very bespoke package and looks different for each individual, depending on their needs and starting point. My clients usually work with me for a minimum of 6 months.

From my

amazing clients