When I decided to take the leap to hire Gina as my Personal Trainer, I was obese, totally demotivated, and I basically hated exercise.

I still am not its greatest fan, but I’ve befriended it enough to be at peace with it. My attitude was, ‘I’ll do this since everything else failed’. Every session was a lesson in not only how to move my body to get the desired results, but also how to live a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

I am in awe of how far I’ve come. Look up ‘impatient’ in the dictionary, you’ll see my face. Look up ‘didn’t trust the process’, you’ll see my face. Also ‘how to take 1 step forward and 10 steps back’, I have lived and written the chronicles about it.

As my body changed over a year of consistent training, so did my mindset and eating habits. I was pushed to believe in myself and apply the discipline needed to change my life forever. As an ‘average Jane’ it was an incredible achievement to drop 20 kilos and see my body change. I know Gina’s dedication and support were pivotal on this journey and I am entirely grateful. I used to think I couldn’t afford a PT, the ‘average Jane’ that I am. I realised that being unhealthy was far more costly and that I was investing in a better life for myself and my family.

So, wonderful people, push ahead, keep at it, brush yourself off, forgive yourself of mistakes and try again. Never give up. I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be!

Samantha, Jamaica

Kerrian works full time as a high school teacher. She has four kids and lives in London.

Working with Gina on my fitness and weight loss goals with a desire for a lifestyle change has been great. She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being.

Within a month I had lost more weight (5kgs) than I imagined possible and was eating healthier, felt better mentally and had so much energy. 

Gina is one of the most positive persons I have come in contact with and this flows into her interaction and guidance. She knows her stuff, and when I couldn’t manage something, she would provide a variation in our online workout sessions. 

I have enjoyed working with Gina so much that I will be continuing with her guidance for the foreseeable future.

Kerrian, London

Nacho is a busy executive whose job sometimes requires him to travel, so he decided to sign up with my flexifit programme back in February of this year (2020), due to the programme’s flexibility. 

He reduced his body fat percentage from 28% to 19%, dropped 14kgs (30lbs) and reduced his waist by almost 8 inches. He said he’s made huge progress, has developed a new lifestyle/habit and now understands what it means to take care of our bodies. 

He avanzado muchísimo y he entendido a valorar el cuidar nuestro cuerpo. Creo que has conseguido crear el hábito en nosostros y cambiar la forma de ser habitual. Así que puedes sentirte orgullosa!

Nacho, Spain

I highly recommend Gina’s remote personal training for knowledgeable, fun, focused, and friendly personal training, wherever you are and whatever your fitness level.

I’m Norma, and I’m 61 years old. 

I own a company that provides live captioning for people with hearing loss. My job requires lots of stamina, both mental and physical. 

Earlier this year, I had a shoulder injury. I called on Gina to help my shoulder to get better. She gently trained me around the injury until it healed. 

Now we’re working together to ramp up the intensity to maintain and improve my fitness level.

Norma, Vermont, USA

Gina taught me to do workouts that I had never even thought possible. She also taught me to use this energy to overcome many challenges in my life.

Marisa, Mexico

When I started working with Gina, I was looking for accountability, an experienced trainer, and someone who could help me get started with intermittent fasting. She was a perfect fit on all counts! I love Gina’s virtual model: I had overly optimistic hopes for travel when we started working together, but the virtual training sessions were essential through the ups and downs of Covid. Gina has wonderful energy and she’s always so supportive—even if she’s also tough. I’ve enjoyed working with her!

Amy, Canada

J’ai découvert Ginafit, grace à une amie. Je suis à l’université, et mes horaires varient alors j’ai adhéré au coaching en ligne, via une application. Je ne m’attendais pas à autant de résultat en si peu de temps; aussi bien sur le plan physique que mental. Ginafit a carrément changé ma vie! J’ai toujours eu du mal à accepter mon corps comme il était, mes bourrelets , mon ventre, mes cuisses et mon manque de tonus m’ont toujours dérangé.

Je n’arrivais pas non plus à courir très longtemps, je perdais mon souffle très vite mais grâce à Gina j’ai pu reprendre confiance en moi. Je suis de moins en moins essoufflée, j’arrive à parcourir des distances bien plus longue, mon ventre, mes cuisses et mes fesses se sont affinés et raffermis. Je me sens mieux vraiment mieux dans ma peau! Son coaching est super parce qu’il englobe l’aspect physique, nutritionnel et moral. Ça ne fait que 6 mois que nous travaillons ensemble et mes résultats sont flagrants! Gina est une coach formidable et je la recommande à 100%!



I discovered GinaFit, thanks to a friend. I’m at university and my hours vary a lot, so I decided to do her online coaching, via an application. I didn’t expect such results in such a short time; both physical and mental. Gina has really changed my life. I’ve always had problems with accepting my body as it was: my love handles, my belly, thighs and my lack of energy have always bothered me.

I’ve never been able to run for too long. I’d run out of breath very easily but thanks to Gina I’ve regained confidence in myself. I get less and less breathless. I can now run longer distances. My belly, my thighs and my butt are defined and firm. I feel so much better in my skin. Gina’s coaching is superb because it encompasses the physical, nutritional and mental aspects. It’s only been 6 months since we’ve been working together and my results are evident. Gina is an astounding coach and I recommend her 100%.

Melany, Guadeloupe

I first reached out to Gina after her presentation to the female entrepreneur networking group we both belong to in Madrid. I was impressed with her can-do attitude and focus on strength instead of just weight loss and image. A shoulder injury and a general disillusionment with the diet and exercise mentality had seen my once-robust weekly exercise routine dwindle from three Pilates sessions and daily 30-minute walks to just two or three maintenance exercise sessions.

I wanted to be doing more to support my health. And I wanted to feel young, healthy and strong when I dropped my son off at university a few months later. Gina took the mystery out of intermittent fasting for me, encouraged me to do some mirror work, and provided a much-needed structure to get me moving again. 

Her gentle yet firm nudges to always do just a little bit extra really motivated me to always try to stretch just a little bit deeper, hold that plank just a few seconds longer and coax that shoulder to loosen its grip just a little bit more with each exercise. And it worked! After a couple of months, my clothes fit better, my skin looked great, and people who hadn’t seen me in ages said I looked twenty years younger. 

Noticing increased muscle tone and flexibility every morning keeps me motivated. Working out with Gina is the first time I haven’t come up with excuses to skip the day’s exercise. I look forward to our fun, friendly, varied, and challenging sessions. I know I wouldn’t have made it this far if Gina had the “traditional” approach to exercise and weight loss. Her integrative approach that brings exercise, diet, rest, and self-care into the picture is exactly what I needed and why I keep signing on month after month. Gina is the full package- knowledge, expertise, and heart. Oh, and on his 18th birthday recently, my son told me what a young and beautiful 48 yrs-old I am!”


Mini is a stay at home mum with two young children, who found a way to balance her family life while taking care of her fitness and health, so that she could have more energy to keep up with her young kids. We took things at a pace that felt comfortable and realistic for her, and she lost 11.6 kgs (almost 26lbs) over 9 months.


Thank you for coming into my life. As mentioned in the beginning of our journey, I have been with other trainers and I did mention the frustration at not being able to achieve the results that I was hoping for. 

And one day, as though a sign, your Facebook page had a video about intermittent fasting. And listening to you, I realised that this is what I need to do. You explained so well the scientific reasons how it changes the body and why it works.. I was hooked and I remember contacting you immediately for help. 

You were so welcoming and did not at all make me feel apprehensive of the mountain of challenges I had, both physically and emotionally. I liked how you took everything so slow. You did not make me feel the pressure and dealt with it all, one week at a time. And slowly changing my mindset and behaviour towards my eating habits. 

I have achieved results that today makes me confident that I can continue this journey on my own. You have taught me that slow and steady wins the race, and gets to keep the trophy too. 

Thank you, Gina, for all the effort and I wish you the very best in your life.

Mini, India

I’ve been working with Gina for roughly 5 months now, although I’ve been going to the gym on and off since 2017. I look and feel the best working with Gina than I ever have on my fitness journey. 

I’m more disciplined because I know I have to take pictures of my food and I know she will cuss me (read, “call me out on my crap”)! Gina has become a friend and mentor, as she also provides motivational pep talks for other areas of my life besides fitness (I’m a full time student). 

What I like most about her training style is that it’s not unrealistic: she doesn’t expect you to stop eating carbs or to completely cut out desserts. She allows you to go at your own pace and gradually work towards your goal without comparing your body to someone else’s. I look forward to this year working with Gina and the big reveal of my summer body!

Regina, Jamaica

Cherise, from Canada, has 2 small kids.

“Gina has really transformed my life, not just in my fitness goals, but she has helped me on a personal level. She has pushed me beyond my limits and encouraged me along the way. I started with Gina when I was pregnant with my second baby and have continued with her since my daughter was born. Within 6 months, I had dropped my baby weight from baby number two and I feel fitter and stronger each day. Thanks to Gina, I have gotten back into my workout routine and feeling good about myself. A personal trainer is not only about getting fulfilling fitness goals, it is also about building a relationship through trust. Gina is an exceptional person in every way possible. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone who wants a personal trainer who cares about them and will ensure they reach their goals. Thank you for being part of my journey.” Feb, 2019.


Update from Cherise  – November 2020

“When I started with you, my starting weight was 207lbs (95kgs). I wanted to let you know that today I weigh between 150 – 152lbs (68kgs)! I had to share with you!”

Cherise, Canada