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And I have a passion for fitness, travel and languages. My clientele generally consists of busy women over 35 who either work from home or travel a lot and are looking to boost their energy, lose weight and gain confidence. I help them lose 5-20kgs (11 to 44lbs) without having to do copious amounts of cardio or even step foot in a gym.

Though many clients come to me with weight loss as their main goal, they soon realise that my coaching goes much deeper than that. Some have reported how their physical transformations spilled over to their mental transformation, while others report more focus and clarity, which helps them make better decisions in their work and/or personal life.


about me

I studied Business and Economics and worked for a multinational for a few years before becoming a certified, Online Personal Trainer, but I have been helping people get in shape since I was 18 years old. I first signed up at a gym, then later got a part time job there, where I worked for 2 years. It just lights me up when my clients realise that they are able to do things they couldn’t do before. 

Since beating breast cancer, fitness has become even more poignant. In fact, I believe it really helped me through that difficult time. I was diagnosed in my late 20’s and was able to recover faster than the doctors predicted. My exercise and nutrition regime played a big role in that.

While fighting cancer

and looking after my then 2 year old, my fitness level drastically diminished. I lost muscle mass, strength, and my joints became very weak. Thanks to fitness, I turned that around, and have since been on a mission to regain/surpass previous fitness levels. I am now stronger and more flexible than before. Overcoming adversity has been the driving force behind what I do now. My aim is to show other women that no matter how hard their journey might seem, there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. My dream is that one day, every woman will feel completely happy in her own skin, while living up to her highest potential, in all areas of her life. 

I specialise in long term transformations

not the cheap, quick fix, generalised cookie cutter plans that promise you will lose 30 lbs in 30 days. My programmes are individualised and custom-designed around your goals. I help motivate and teach my clients how to develop self-discipline, confidence and long term habits that they can adopt for the rest of their lives which help them to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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Hola, me llamo Elena y soy veterinaria. 

Tengo 49 años, y desde hace por lo menos 10 arrastro un problema en las rodillas, condropatia patelar en grado IV (esto quiere decir que tengo los cartílagos de las rodillas casi completamente desgastados).  Esto no tiene mucho remedio aparte de tomar antiinflamatorios para el dolor: fortalecer las piernas para” sujetar” mejor las rótulas y perder peso. Tampoco es que tuviera mucho sobrepeso, con mis 168 cm llevaba muchos años estacionada en unos 68 kg, pero aún así me puse a ello y empecé a ir al gimnasio. 

Después de varios años allí (y sin mucho éxito, la verdad) fue cuando conocí a Gina. Y como a raíz del confinamiento no podía ir a entrenar, me puse a seguir sus clases on-line y sus consejos sobre nutrición.

Total, que en 4 meses perdí 7 kg y conseguí más músculo que en 5 años de gimnasio… Y mis rodillas dejaron de doler (tampoco voy a ponerme a correr la maratón de Nueva York, pero este verano he bajado una cantidad de escaleras que antes me habrían hecho sudar con solo mirarlas!). Y eso además del buen humor que me pone ver a esta chica dar sus clases, que siempre ha sido una motivación incluso antes de ver resultados.

Elena is a 49-year-old vet who had been going to the gym for years with no noticeable results. We met at the gym a few years ago and became friends. But when we went in lockdown earlier this year (2020), Elena decided to join my online sessions and follow my nutritional advice. She managed to lose 7kgs in 4 months and her knee issue/pain that she had been struggling with for years, has improved significantly.


My mission is to positively impact and inspire everyone I meet to work “miracles” in their own lives; to do more of the “hard stuff” related to fitness and health, so that they can be the best versions of themselves. 

Great efforts over time bring great rewards. Therefore, I want to inspire millions of people worldwide, to get from a couch potato to a fitness fan; a lover of movement and a bit of sweat, and a health champion. Together, we can inspire each other to start loving the sofa less and loving squats more, perhaps even to the point of squatting like a pro!


Fitness is health and health is wealth. Yes, it’s clichéd because it’s true. I’ll even go one step further to say Fitness is Greatness. I attribute my fitness lifestyle as playing a big part of my cancer recovery 10 years ago. I’m in a much better shape than before, and feel like I’m living my greatest, happiest life so far. I want everyone to experience this feeling, not just cancer survivors.

Are you willing to join me on this journey to more movement and better health? Let’s work together and encourage each other! Let’s get “You-nified” and mind the fitness gap! From the sofa to squats, here we go!

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